mercredi 14 juillet 2010

Global Insurance Industry

Global insurance premiums grew by 3.4% in 2008 to reach $4.3 trillion. For the first time in the past 3 decades, premium income declined in inflation-adjusted terms, with non-life premiums falling by 0.8% and life premiums falling by 3.5%. The insurance industry is exposed to the global economic downturn on the assets side by the decline in returns on investments and on the liabilities side by a rise in claims.

So far the extent of losses on both sides has been limited although investment returns fell sharply following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and bailout of AIG in September 2008. The financial crisis has shown that the insurance sector is sufficiently capitalized. The vast majority of insurance companies had enough capital to absorb losses and only a small number turned to government for support.

Advanced economies account for the bulk of global insurance. With premium income of $1,753bn, Europe was the most important region in 2008, followed by North America $1,346bn and Asia $933bn. The top four countries generated more than a half of premiums.

The US and Japan alone accounted for 40% of world insurance, much higher than their 7% share of the global population. Emerging markets accounted for over 85% of the world’s population but generated only around 10% of premiums. Their markets are however growing at a quicker pace.

mardi 13 juillet 2010

California Auto Insurance

All residents that own and operate a vehicle need the auto insurance in California. Similar laws exist in all states, but having car insurance in California is particularly important for several reasons. California is a state where law suits happen often, and the suits are regularly for larger dollar amounts than in other states. There is also a wide range of vehicles that are operated on the roads of California, from older vehicles that are not worth much, to high cost luxury cars.

The factors above make it imperative that a person purchasing auto insurance in California get not just the state required insurance, but limits that will sufficiently protect their current and future assets from being taken from them in the event of an having an accident with a high cost vehicle and the following lawsuit. Having higher liability limits does mean that the policy will cost more than if lower limits were carried, so getting a great auto insurance quote is also something important to California drivers.

There are many places that Californians look to when searching for the best auto insurance quote. For auto insurance in California, one can buy their policy from a broker, exclusive agent, over the phone, or even online. A great way to get a competitive quote for the coverage you need on your car insurance in California is by using a method that combines these traditional purchasing means.

jeudi 8 juillet 2010

How To Make A Good Car Insurance

Since liberalization of automobile insurance, special products and to develop their own insurance company, has developed an active PR. Too much information too, or should I choose any insurance company, then what will be many who are undecided. In addition, recent car insurance because it was sold in a variety of products are already set, the drivers are generally very confusing.

Of course, if you will cover all the risks, be better than that, but we should really enhance the compensation, a waste of people think the premium is to omit, here again, “car insurance “What’s put in for? I think that should take a second thought.

First place, and auto insurance, accident “damage” to imagine a scenario, as the victims Ranai (ie, financial risks can be avoided by the perpetrator) was born. Should the traffic accident, if you’ve damaged the lives and property of others, harm is the driver must pay it.

If causing death, when you claim a 100 million yen in damages from the family, yourself or you can pay 70 million yen in automobile liability insurance over minutes? The luxury car collided with his fault, when you ask for compensation of several million yen, or will happen next?

But when those who have to cover any “bodily injury liability insurance” and “property damage insurance” is. When you insure a car, keep in mind that would enhance the liability insurance in the two highest priority first.

mercredi 7 juillet 2010

Auto Insurance With A Low Down Payment

A large number of motorists cannot pay a large lump sum up front and therefore are in need of a policy which requires the minimal start up cost and the continue coverage by paying on a monthly basis. The best way to achieve this goal is to compare the rates of various insurers to see which can offer the policy needed with as little down as possible and provide affordable payment options.

There are a large number of companies out there and fortunately consumers can take advantage of the fact that these carriers must compete against each other in order to obtain new business; this means that there will always be an insurer who is most affordable for a particular individual.

When shopping for low down payment auto insurance a consumer should always ask if there are any fees attached with the cost to start coverage. In many cases a savvy person will be able to negotiate any fees that may be charged by the agent or broker at policy inception and it may be possible to get insured without paying any fee and just the amount of the first month of coverage.

If an individual will be using the assistance of a broker there will usually be a “broker fee” that they will charge and this amount can usually be negotiated. Although not many people want to pay a broker they can actually be very helpful in locating cheap monthly payments; unlike a direct agent they represent several insurers and can be very helpful in finding the one that can offer the cheapest installments. So it may be worth it to pay for their services since they may be able to find the best deal.

Pros and Cons of Insurance with a Low Down
The obvious advantage of finding a car insurance carrier that will offer a policy with little down is that consumers will not have to break the bank and pay a premium in full. Instead the motorist will pay the start up cost and go ahead with monthly installments to continue coverage for the remainder of the policy’s terms which is usually 3, 6 or 12 months; at this point the policyholder can choose to renew or the consumer will have the option to take their business elsewhere. Taking this route can help a person get covered if they cannot afford to pay for the term up front and also leaves a little bit of freedom to shop around and find cheaper carriers without having to wait for a refund of the premium had it been paid up front.

Finding a policy with a low down payment may be the only option for some individuals, but they should also be aware of the down side of doing so. A lot of times it will be much cheaper to get insured by paying for policies up front and in full; many companies charge a monthly billing fee in the $10 range which over the course of time can add up to quite a bit of money not being spent on coverage, but rather on fees. Some insurers also offer cheaper premiums to consumers who pay for a term in full whether it is 3, 6 or 12 months; usually the longer the term is being paid for the lower the cost of the policy.

When an individual is looking to purchase coverage they should ask if there is a billing fee, how much it would cost to pay for a full term and if there is a way to get around fees; certain insurers will waive the monthly fee is the consumer allows the payments to be directly debited from their checking account. One can also use a tool such as the New Jersey Auto Insurance Purchasing Planner which will arm them with questions to ask when shopping for policies.

dimanche 4 juillet 2010

Cheapest Car Insurance

Cheapest Car Insurance – Driving Without Any Worries

Whether you admit it or not, driving is actually a stressful activity. Regardless of whether you are traversing a busy highway or simply cruising by yourself in an empty street, you will never know what will happen. If you are tired of having to deal with this constant worry, then there is one thing you can do; make sure that you and your car are protected. However, even if you already have car insurance, you might be wondering whether you actually got a good deal or not.

When driving a vehicle, you do not want to have to think about whether you got the cheapest car insurance possible. Thinking about it can definitely cause anxiety. Even if you happen to be the most cautious driver out there, you can never be sure about what the other drivers are thinking about. Hence, accidents can happen anytime without warning. Hence, if you cannot prevent an accident from happening, it would be ideal to be prepared.